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Tantric Buddhist Reflections on Life

Perhaps the most beautiful description I have heard of this book was from a very dear friend. He sincerely felt that this book was the first clear and descriptive rendition of the Buddhist Sutras in the Modern Language of our time.

Covering a myriad of transitional topics, this book revels in its ability to guide a modern day thinker through the worlds of advanced insights. Rama's ability to speak profound truths in simple sentences has never been more revealed than in this book.

Obscure, difficult, complicated, entwined eastern mysticims are suddenly made available to the pragmatic western mind. A "must have" on your desktop at work for emergency infusions of clarity in our fast-paced world.

Excerpt from the first chapter:

"Beyond the surface of your life there is enlightenment,
In all of its joyous radiant perfection.
When, sitting absorbed in meditation, your thoughts
Become quiet and your emotions are still,
Your mind floods with light and the world becomes God.

Enlightenment is the perfect awareness of life
Without any mental modifications.
It is transparent existence:
To experience enlightenment, to merge
Your mind with the essence of the cosmos,
Is to become ecstasy without beginning or end.

Enlightenment is beyond human understanding:
From the shores of this world, human life appears
To be an endless tide of happy and unhappy
Events, feelings and circumstances;
But when viewed through the eyes of enlightenment
There is no pleasure, pain, loss or gain,
No illusion or reality, or even incarnation.
There is only perfectly intelligent
Immortal Light!


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