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The Bridge Is Flowing
But The River Is Not

An illustrated guide to the fine art of Meditation for which Rama was so well known. The prose-like paragraphs take the reader from the introductory stages of meditation to its life-enhancing daily practice with ease and grace.

Filled with wisdom and balance while retaining its delicate poetic flavor, Meditation entices one to read it again and again. For beginners and seasoned meditators alike, this book provides untold encouragement and many fresh ideas to keep your meditations balanced and at optimum practice levels.

(Some Secrets of Meditation):

" . . . Meditation should always be practiced with love

* *

Meditate on Light and you will become Light. Meditate on Peace and you will become Peace. Meditate on Eternity and you will become Eternity. Meditate without trying and you will go beyond all suffering and enter into Nirvana.

* *

If you want to meditate well every day, then never evaluate your meditations. . ."


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