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Surfing The Himalayas
Conversations and Travels
with Master Fwap

This is very special prerelease of "Surfing the Himalayas" which was accessible mostly to Rama's students or close friends in 1994. The hard cover copy which was released to the public would soon follow in 1995.

While it is in paperback form, do not let it dissuade you -- Surfing contains the same contagious exuberance you will find in Rama's internationally published books; Surfing the Himalayas; and the sequel -- Snowboarding to Nirvana.

From the back cover:

"Nothing can die, and nothing can be reborn.
Things only change their outer appearance.
When you see within things and people,
you discover that their essence is changeless, perfect light.
We are all nirvana: that which is our essential form is the essential formlessness of perfect existence.

-- Master Fwap"

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