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Total Relaxation
The Complete Program for Overcoming Stress, Tension, Worry, and Fatigue

From the Jacket Cover:

Stress. It is no secret to any of us that we suffer daily from its effects. Our inability to cope with stress is a major contributor to much -- if not most -- of our physical and psychological discomfort.

Whether you are a businessman who has been told by your doctor that your blood pressure is dangerously high, a working mother who is tense and irritable because your family and career are demanding more time and energy than you have, a student who is under constant pressure to "make the grade," or a single man or woman subjected to a host of economic, social and personal pressures, you need a simple and practical method of easing the tension and stress in your life.

Total Relaxation provides the most effective and comprehensive program ever devised to overcome stress. Dr. Frederick P. Lenz, one of the foremost experts on stress and relaxation, has been successfully teaching the program in seminars for more than ten years. Now, the complete Total Relaxation Program is available to you in this volume.

Dr. Lenz has devised a twofold approach to stress control. The core of the program is a series of twelve relaxation techniques consisting of specific thought and image patterns designed to help you reach a level of totally restful, refreshing relaxation. The exercises are easy and enjoyable, and can be done anywhere at any time. The balance of the book provides concrete techniques and strategies to minimize individual kinds of stress -- psychological tensions caused by fear and self-doubt; stress caused by a rapid-fire, high-pressure environment; diet induced stress; the stress involved in personal relationships; holiday-time stress; and much more.

This book is not about changing your lifestyle -- you don't have to move to an isolated spot in the mountains to find relaxation. Rather, it is about doing what you want to do in life, and getting the maximum of satisfaction and pleasure from it.


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