Let Dr Lenz's Books Teach

Rama (Dr. Frederick Lenz) wrote two novels in the 1990’s intended to inspire his own students and also to serve as introductory material for millions and millions, giving them a tremendous buffet about Tantric Buddhism as applied to modern life, served up in entertaining form.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, we are hoping to inspire you to return again and again to Rama’s novels as the books themselves give you very direct access to enlightened energy. It is our hope by highlighting some sections from the books with stories about them, it will draw each and everyone who comes here to read and re-read "Surfing the Himalayas" and "Snowboarding to Nirvana".


stories inspired by
the Himalayas

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Cave in Nepal!
Sun is Always Shining
Crossroads Rendezvous
Sunset Meditations
Gold Light of Enlightenment
The Art of Surfing the Himalayas


stories inspired by
to Nirvana

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The Half-Life of Time
Rama's Promise
Magical Encounters
Handbook of Enlightenment
Surfing Big Waves
Tao of Water
Mantra Yoga


Long before Rama's two snowboarding novels, he wrote a series of books intended for his students. In addition, he released two books publically.

While some of these books may be very difficult to find, they will no doubt make great accompaniments to Rama's Snowboarding Adventure novels.

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Please let us know if we missed any other books that he published.



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