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All You Really Need Is Heart

"The most evolved type of spiritual seeker has a very, very refined heart. Their life speaks of nothing but gentleness and purity. They want nothing but the welfare of others."


As Rama talks about spiritual crossroads he defines levels of spiritual development. Seekers of enlightenment, have probably reached an evolutionary level that is rare on this planet, in this yuga.

As I listened to this tape I thought about today's world. The high tech 21st Century has a bucket-load of political and environmental problems to work though. All of us are faced with political decisions as November 7th (and the weeks of indecision afterward) approaches. As seekers and citizens we take our practice into the voting booth. (The zen of citizenship.)

We have learned how to listen to our truth, and follow that truth, or dharma. This process does not provide us with a set of rules how to live. Rather this self-discovery process teaches us to refine our awareness, and listen to our own heart at deeper and deeper levels.

We make decisions about leaders and policies based upon those deeper levels of attention. Of course, as humans with human history and conditioning we watch our own tendencies and choices.

As I listened to this tape I heard something that might be helpful if you are making decisions about studying with a spiritual teacher. Rama, as he talked about understanding levels of spiritual development said, "We mistake charisma for spiritual development. Now the two are definitely not the same. Simply because a person can command attention, a following, because they speak well, because they have power, does not necessarily suggest they they are spiritually advanced. They're advanced in the ways of power, perhaps".

As you and I make decisions, whether those decisions are related to relationships, work, spiritual teachers, or political choices, we listen with our awareness. We can hear the sounds of humility and purity-they are the sounds of light.

Lynne of the San Diego DharmaCenter




From Rama's Teachings

Rama presented thousands of techniques that were intended to help students along their own pathway to enlightenment. Techniques presented here may be useful for you. The teachings are meant to be used by students who are serious about their practice, and their own enlightenment.

A special thanks to
Lynne of the San Diego DharmaCenter for her writing, and the inspiration to begin this feature.


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