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Tao--The Way of Water

“Taoism is the way of water. The most frequent element or symbol referred to in Lao Tzu's writings is the symbol of water, and it's the primary symbol that we find throughout the Way of Life. In essence, Lao Tzu suggests that we behave like water. Water, of course is the symbol of consciousness, pure consciousness. And he suggests that we flow like water does. Water always seeks the easiest path, the common level of life. When it reaches a spot where there is a blockage, water finds the easiest path around the blockage."


Have you noticed that you have become harder to define? I have noticed that about myself.

When I talk to people, I am sometimes challenged by apparently simple questions. I have found that listening to the truth of the moment is the "way", and sometimes that is a challenge, because there is not always constancy. There is frequently contradiction, because your truth is not static.

Fluid awareness, the path of pure consciousness has a flow that has no easy definition, category, or quantification. It just flows. This can be very disconcerting to others, let alone to your self!

Rama continues with this discourse, saying: "So Taoism is the gentle way. It's the way or the path of least resistance." There are times when I am not sure who I am, or what I believe. I listen to friends talk, and what they say makes sense, and I agree. I listen to other friends talk, and their opposing view makes sense, and I agree. The tricky part, is the next day, given the same conversations, I could easily, and sincerely, disagree!

When I ponder this, in the wee recesses of my own mind, I consider what to make of "me". Am I just a feather in the wind, unnaturally blown by the next gust? Am I a wimp with no opinions or passions that define "me", and my "purpose"?

Sure. The answer is yes, when viewed from a particular state of mind. On the other feather, standing in another awareness, there is that possibility, that outside chance, that I have begun to behave like water--living in the moment, in fluid awareness, like the flowing river.

I noticed the apparent contradictions in Rama's teachings. Maybe this is one of the signposts of Rama's teachings, the pair of opposites, and anything in between is true. How many times have you been in a discussion about your understandings of Rama's teachings, and discovered someone has the very opposite understanding?

Having said all this, it seems important to say that there are higher truths, and that as you become part of the flow of pure conscious awareness, you vibrate with those truths. Perhaps that is the common thread that appears in spiritual texts and the truths in the origin of the world religions.

Meditation and mindfulness help us consider the water. We need to check and make sure that we aren't flowing into muddy waters. Pure conscious awareness is crystal clear. Just because we had a wonderful experience of crystal clarity in the dharma kaya, doesn't mean we cannot slip into the merky maya.

So enjoy the Way of the Water, just check and make sure that flow is clear and crystal, and filled with the light of pure awareness!  


Lynne of the San Diego DharmaCenter


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Rama presented thousands of techniques that were intended to help students along their own pathway to enlightenment. Techniques presented here may be useful for you. The teachings are meant to be used by students who are serious about their practice, and their own enlightenment.

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