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August 1, 2003
from Rama's tapes

Shifting at Stonehenge

“Where ever you travel to, you’ll just find yourself in one form or another. . . You take your internal baggage with you wherever you go. The miracle of enlightenment is that you let go of the baggage; you let go of the self. You take the self and let is dissolve in the white light of eternity. And then you live in the light.”

I just had the most remarkable two weeks. I traveled, and sometimes my baggage went with me, and sometimes, well, it got lost. My big red bag that I checked onto a flight in London went on an adventure for a couple of days, and then came back to me.

Now, back in San Diego, my big red bag is once again on an adventure, and I suppose American Airlines will deliver it someday. So, if I am to believe what Rama said above, the fact that my baggage was lost twice in two weeks could be a very positive sign!

Well, don't the external and internal worlds merge in and out of one another? Isn't it possible that some of my baggage was left behind, even if it was temporary?

Okay, I have to confess, I did carry-on a bag as well, and it was with me all of the time! Still is. You can run, fly, boat, and drive, but some of that baggage is always there. Maybe on my next flight I will check all of my baggage.

The adventure into the UK was my first, and I delighted in the lush countryside's and forests of the highlands of Scotland and western England. The rich and rainy forests of the UK create canopies of green that can hide the sky. The people of Scotland are friendly and free, (though politically the fight for independence continues).

Is there a lesson here? Perhaps. Freedom is the course we have set for ourselves, and sometimes we notice the struggle, sometimes the baggage is heavy. And sometimes, in some moments, we are free. Those are the moments that we live in light.

When your consciousness expands, when you enter into the world of enlightenment, you're in a world, literally, of light. You don't have to be enlightened to have this experience. You just have to start the inner journey.

On my birthday I visited Stonehenge. I experienced it as any other tourist, listening to the audio tour as I walked around the pathway that circles the stones. The weather changed from sunny to cold and windy as I walked the counterclockwise circle. There was a shift as I walked the circle-- when the colder winds began to blow-- I felt in touch with the power of this place. I spun around and looked at the 360 degree horizon, aware that the land surrounding the stones was different somehow. I hit the play button on the audio, and you guessed it, the voice said, now look around at the land, turn in a full circle, and know that the land here is different, the vegetation is different.

Then I pondered the why and who of the circle of stones. An idea pushed its way through, an idea that this was a creation of a power grid, an energy vortex. It didn't feel like it was an exclusively human creation.

I got home and looked at the pictures we had taken, and they all were clear and seemed to have correct lighting. Except for one.

There was one picture taken of me standing alone at Stonehenge. I am standing at the position that allows you to look though the window created by a hanging stone to what they call the healing stone. The center part of the picture is filled with a red light. I stand in the center of the red light, and the stones closest to me are drenched in the brilliant red light, and the clouds above the center of the picture are pink. The rest of the picture is normal lighting.

So for a few minutes at Stonehenge, on my birthday, I shifted into the magical dimensions that we all have touched. I left the world of tourism and entered into the dimensions of power and light. Perhaps, in that moment, I was gifted just one more glimpse of freedom.

Lynne of the San Diego Dharma Center


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