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March 14, 2003
from Rama's tapes

Surviving Together,
WE Dissolve

ôSo it is necessary to be aware of the difficulties of the time. There are times, there are ages, when enlightenment is the natural way - when the path of love and selfless giving, and chaos, ecstasy, is the only guidepost, the only lighthouse in a dark and stormy sea. And all gravitate towards it naturally. But this is not an age like that, is it? Absolutely not!

This is a time of great confusion, of great darkness, when other networks are slipping in through other dimensional planes. So soon this network will leave this earth. But before we do, we have a few things to do. To accomplish? Not exactly. To be, perhaps, is closer. There’s no way to express it exactly.”

- Rama

On the Road with Rama
The Electronic Tribe - 1985

Tis a bright, windy morning with the sunshine sprinkling its magic over the dew spotted leaves. Ah, the little leprechauns are slipping in and out of the shadows of the worlds, dancing to the celtic tunes of life. So begins St. Patty’s day in the year 2003.

On this particular Saint Patrick’s Day, the electronic tribe, the tribe whose pathway is enlightenment, singly and collectively have work to do. We just have to figure out what action is correct for us.

It was clear back in the good old year 1985 that the planet was moving into darker times. It was also suggested that those dark times are the most important times for bodhi satva types to shine - to be everything they are.

So, since there is no way to express it, what are we supposed to “be”? “The God’s honest truth, it ain’t that simple.” (Jimmy Buffet coming through.)

I am pretty sure many of us are feeling the planetary pulse, and our bodies are printing out the experience in a variety of expressions. Mentally, physically, spiritually, we are not at peace. Singly, and collectively, there is tension and confusion. As a network of beings who are focused on awareness, we are touching the psyche of the collective humanity of the planet.

I searched through the text of the audio tape, and I thought it might be useful to contemplate the following quotes from Rama.

“So the tribe unites, it joins. And as the tribe moves into a higher level of attention, there’s less internal disagreement within the tribe . . . There’s no fear.   There’s a common purpose that unites them.  In our pre-World War III condition . . . ”

“Truth is everywhere. And yet there’s a particular truth that’s applicable just for you. Well, what’s the truth that’s applicable just for you? Survival. Survival doesn’t simple mean keeping the body going. Survival means becoming complete.”

“You need something. Not just to get through the day, but to get through the incarnation. You need to find that power, that perfect unity. Meditation isn’t simply stopping your thoughts and dissolving. Its’ that, but it’s creating and matching yourself against chaos and merging with it. It’s finding the oneness.”

“The way for the tribe is to unite, and to bring forward its knowledge from its other lives, which is the knowledge of sound, light, color and energy. Energy is our principle quality, the quality of the tribe."

“So united we stand, and united we dissolve.”

If we use the relational concepts Rama taught, we can stand in the center of our own awareness and grab the lines from the above quotes. Perhaps, as we pull them in and process their energy, we will create the awareness and find the truth that will serve us well in this moment, and the next.

As I did this, I found that union is the way in and out, and it is found in meditation. Union with eternity, through the silence of meditation, is union with our tribe. It is not happening to “me”, because “I” dissolve, it is happening to “us”. We are always sitting in that very large circle in the desert gorge, dissolving into the one.

While we all feel the pulse of the world on the brink of war, we also have the capacity to feel the unity, and dissolve. And in that dissolution we survive!

Lynne of the San Diego DharmaCenter


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