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January 17, 2003
from Rama's tapes

You Will Be Free

“You are immortality in a body. You are bliss and love. And if you will only reflect upon your inner state, your absolute good fortune to be alive, to be a perceiver of knowledge, then it doesn’t matter where you are, who you’re with, what you have or do not have. You will be free. You will be awake in the dream.”

- Rama

Spiritual Metamorphosis
Rama - December 7th, 1983

As we push forward into this new year, a year dented and damaged with hatred and postures of war, it is critical that we use the words above as our mantra. Look inward, be dazzled by your own brilliance. You are a seeker of enlightenment, and the keeper of the diamond mind. You are a student of knowledge, and therefore your perception of the world is fluid and changing, and you are capable of embracing the beauty of this incarnation.

While the planet earth festers and quakes with political and personal conflict, you can choose to guide your life into the winds of freedom, liberation, enlightenment. It is a good time for you, for us. The energy is ripe and abundant. It is a perfect time for remembering who you are, and why you are here.

If you have forgotten, oh nobly born, let Rama’s words remind you: “You are immortal consciousness. You are free and perfect and even though at this time you are not fully aware of that, if you remember these words at the time of your death, at the time of your birth, in the midst of any experience of success, failure, pleasure, pain, depression, elation, if you remember this, you will be free.”

We, who meet eternity in the silence of meditation, and walk with the magic of that knowledge throughout the day are blessed. We have been gifted with moment after moment of profundity and joy, of laughter and wonder, of bliss and love.

The incarnation’s alarm is ringing. It is our choice. We can awake in the dream and be free.

Lynne of the San Diego DharmaCenter

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From Rama's Teachings

Rama presented thousands of techniques that were intended to help students along their own pathway to enlightenment. Techniques presented here may be useful for you. The teachings are meant to be used by students who are serious about their practice, and their own enlightenment.

A special thanks to
Lynne of the San Diego DharmaCenter for her writing, and the inspiration to begin this feature.


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