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May 14, 2006
from Rama's tapes

Stop Thoughts and Experience the Diamond Mind

“The unlimited mind, the diamond mind of the Buddha, is your mind, if you can get in touch with it, if you can figure out where it is and what to do with it, and stop thinking so much and tap into that psychic part of your being.”

Stop thinking. You know that is the simple truth, the simple key that unlocks the door to the diamond mind. When that doorway begins to open shafts of clear light spill into your mind.

Stop thinking. I know you are trying. Stop trying, just do it. How? Use your will power and push away thought after thought after thought. This is where you begin, each time you sit in meditation.

Stop thinking as you move through the moments of your day. Mindfulness, or Zen, is simple. Watch the birds or the squirrels, or a very young child. How many thoughts do you “think” run through the mind of a child who is exploring the sand and ocean? How many thoughts run through the mind of a squirrel who is scampering from tree to tree? Explore your world freely, without thoughts filtering the brightness of each moment.

When you stop thinking for just a moment or two, in meditation, at work, at play, you open the magical doorways of awareness. What you will discover might surprise you. You will develop aspects of your self that have always existed, but were closed behind layers of conditioning and illusion. One aspect that will awaken will be your psychic abilities.

You don’t have to read taro cards or join occult groups who practice some form of magic. The magic simply is part of you. So you will notice more telepathic experiences. You will connect with the world, and the people of this world at deeper levels. You will listen beyond words, see the magic beyond form, and feel past human suffering.

You simply stop thoughts, and over time that simple practice of sitting in silence fills you with the light that is born from the diamond mind, or enlightened awareness.

Notice the changes in your psychic abilities. You will be more sensitive and touch the psychic energies of friends, family, and strangers. Opening psychically will also help you to understand why there is a tear in the eye of the Buddha.

Simply stop thought, and experience the unlimited diamond mind. Don’t think about it, do it!

Lynne of the San Diego DharmaCenter



From Rama's Teachings

Rama presented thousands of techniques that were intended to help students along their own pathway to enlightenment. Techniques presented here may be useful for you. The teachings are meant to be used by students who are serious about their practice, and their own enlightenment.

A special thanks to
Lynne of the San Diego DharmaCenter for her writing, and the inspiration to begin this feature.


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