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You've Just Seen One
By A Student

On a Winter Solstice Desert Trip Rama was sitting in the chill, still of the night facing us, who were seated opposite him. As he talked, instructing us to "see" the bright stars overhead and the "glow" on the rim of the hills behind us, a mournful howl came from the Desert, located to our right and to Rama's left.

Rama identified this sound as a Coyote, and he issued a stern warning to this animal, essentially tellig the animal to leave our group alone. After an interval the Coyote continued its cry, and Rama warned it again.

Then apparently having "had enough" of this Entity/Trickster, Rama-Did-Whatever-Rama-Rama-Does, and the yowling gradually died away and stopped completely.

A few moments later in this same setting and during a Question & Answer period, a student seemed to question Rama and his abilities. This student specifically mentioned the word "miracle".

"You've just seen one," said Rama simply, referring to his Battle of Power with the Coyote.




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