Timeline of the Life of
Frederick P Lenz, III
Details regarding the professional affairs of
Dr. Frederick P Lenz III are beyond the scope
of this document and have been omitted




1950 February 9th 4:29 pm
Born in San Diego, California
Early 1950's
Rama's family moves to Connecticut
Earns Black Belt in Judo while in High School
Graduates from High School
Travels throughout the United States immersing himself in various adventures akin to his youthful age (rumors place visits to the Himalayas sometime in these general years)
Rama shows a growing interest in Spiritual Study - observes various spiritual communities and teachers
Studies with Indian Yogi in New York City - given the name Atmananda
Enters his collegiate studies at the age of 20 - University of Connecticut
Rama subsidizes his collegiate years with the art of handmaking Dulcimers. Rama also plays the dulcimer to live audiences in the local coffeehouses.
Rama begins teaching meditation and yoga
Rama graduates Phi Beta Kappa and is awarded a State of New York Graduate Council Fellowship/continues his education at the State University of New York at Stony Brook
Rama is awarded his M.A. Degree
Ph.D. awarded in English Literature at about the age of 26 or 27 (Thesis: The Evolution of Matter and Spirit in the Poetry of Theodore Roethke)
Rama teaches courses in English at Long Island University, the State University of N.Y. and at City College of N.Y.
Rama teaches credit courses in meditation at the New School for Social Research in NYC, as well as meditation classes at Stony Brook and other Long Island Colleges
Rama develops student supporters and begins to draw sizable attendance at events
Gives lectures on meditation and related topics in NYC, as well as many eastern colleges and universities
Does Radio Talk shows and travels to Europe to teach in Switzerland
Publishes Lifetimes: True Accounts of Reincarnation
Moves to San Diego to teach and develops a large group of students - many students from Balboa Park, U.C. San Diego and San Diego State
Rama gives free talks at the Casa del Prado in Balboa Park, San Diego. People sit in folding chairs. Advertises in "Holistic Living News"
Publishes Total Relaxation: the Complete Program for Overcoming Worry, Stress, Tension and Fatigue
Starts Spiritual Center named "Anahata" - main center at La Jolla, California
Starts Spiritual Center in Los Angeles - meetings held at the Neptunian Women's Club
Starts publishing newspaper "Woof" on spiritual topics and writes new age satire
Rama cycles through all his lifetimes and becomes completely self-realized; holds the famous Self-Realization Party
Rama publishes pocket size book "Meditation"
Moves main center to the Del Mar Castle, Del Mar, California
Starts Meditation Center in San Francisco - meditations held at the Unity Church
Names meditation organization after the Indian Goddess "Lakshmi"
Dinner parties and Meditations held at the "Castle"
Excursions to the desert become regular center events - hiking, meditation and dissolution
Publishes "Self Discovery" magazine
Rama moves main center of organization to Malibu, California
Center meetings held at the Unity Church in Santa Monica
Beverly Theater in Los Angeles becomes meeting place for center meditations
San Diego center closes.
Emphasis placed on "the Enlightenment of Women" in his program of study
Women given leading staff positions to compensate for centuries of neglect
Atmananda takes the name "Rama" after the ancient Indian warrior Rama of the "Ramayana"
Records "Purity and Humility" in a classroom at UCSD.
Begins producing the 28 Tape Series "Insights - Talks on the Nature of Existence" .
Rama publishes the book "The Wheel of Dharma"
Rama publishes "Meditation: the Bridge is Flowing but the River is Not"

Rama produces advertising campaign in which he lists his "Past Life Resume." The advertising campaign is both successful and controversial. Contents include listing of Rama's Past Lives:

High Priest - Temple of Light, Atlantis
Occult Teacher - Mystery School, Egypt
1531-1575 Zen Master, Kyoto
1602 -1671 Head of Zen Order, Kyoto, Japan
1725 -1804 Master of Monastery, Tibet
1834 -1905 Jnana Yoga Master, Madras India
1912 -1945 Tibetan Lama, head of Monastic Order, Tibet
1950 - (1998) Enlightened Teacher, Psychic, Occult Dancer USA, Europe & The Far East
Students publish the book "The Last Incarnation" about their experiences with their teacher Rama
Holds classes in LA and Boston
Officially closes Lakshmi Center(s) in Los Angeles and Boston
First official Zazen concert on May 1, 1985 in Boston - later released on tape called Nirvana
Starts Vishnu Systems, Inc., a computer software company in Boston and Rama Seminars, Inc.
Rama starts public bimonthly Rama Seminars which were held at the L.A. Convention Center in November. First two meetings were "intensives" on "Psychic Development"
Considers teaching in Colorado - many students move there
Zazen records live album "Samsara" at the Wilshire Ebell Theater on July 13, 1986 - a retrospective of all their previous pieces
Zen Master Rama begins his Zen Seminars in May - at the LA Convention Center
Produces Zen Master Rama audio tape series
Zazen records live album "Samurai" at the Wilshire Ebell Theater on September 14, 1986 - first "truly official" album
Accepting an invitation from many masters of Zen orders, Rama travels to Japan and meets with Seiko Hirata, the Zen master of the Tenryu-ji Temple, Soen Ozeki, the Abbott of the Daisen-in Temple, and Mr. Genko Naoyama, the Secretary General of the Nanzen-ji Temple.
Rama renews interests in sports; hiking, kayaking and studies dance
Zen Seminars continue until May - then public seminars are discontinued.
Does a speaking tour in several American cities. His advertising included a 2 page ad in the Sunday New York Times and huge kiosk-size posters of Rama's face which were professionally put up all over New York City.
Gives free talk in the fall at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center in New York attended by hundreds more people than the capacity of the hall. People had to sit in shifts.

Rama discussed nuclear disarmament that night, saying "isn't it funny 50 years ago these weapons didn't even exist and now people think they are inevitable". He created a space for people to shift from thinking that these weapons were inevitable to considering how to get rid of them. That December, a first phase nuclear disarmament treaty was suddenly signed between USA and Russia that previously no one had thought would ever be possible.
Rama sends students to Seattle to start Meditation/Yoga/Aerobics School
Begins Lifestyles of the Rich and Enlightened (documents copyrighted)
Rama initiates a program to help students become wealthy
Provides professional technical training program for students to learn how to master relational databases, AI, become consultants, start consulting firms and develop software companies
Offers partnership and mentoring with students to develop software products. Backs program with national and international vacation trips to power places
Initiations into Rae-Chorze-Fwaz
Students are initiated to become Monks/Teachers/Mentors
Rama publishes "Pathway to Enlightenment ", a three ring binder containing letters from successful students and their parents.
After finishing exam questions and writings, students begin teaching programs throughout the United States and Europe. Rama gives introductory dinners and teaching events to encourage new students into the program.
Produces "The Enlightenment Cycle" tapes to give to new students as a foundation for the study
Releases "Pathway to Enlightenment" video.
Starts an independent study program - students receive tapes through the mail
Publishes "Insights" Book
Releases "Canyons of Light" video.
Releases internal publication of "Surfing the Himalayas"
Publishes "Surfing the Himalayas" to general public.
Students move to different cities throughout the United States starting software companies and technology recruiting companies
Does a book tour to promote "Surfing the Himalayas" and in addition to do doing book signings in several cities, gave public talks on this tour in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City
Runs full color two-page ads in Rolling Stone, Black Belt Magazine, and a Snowboarding Magazine.
Participates in a series of Radio interviews along both coasts.
Vayu leaves the physical body toward the end of the book tour. Rama expresses the sincere loss of his friend.
Publishes "Snowboarding to Nirvana" book
Gives a series of lectures on various Shakespeare plays, including Hamlet, Richard III, Romeo and Juliet, using them as a tool to discuss Buddhist psychology.
Rama shows the "Cayman Blue" video for the first time. Some students are given signed, numbered copies by Rama.
Some students receive copies of signed, numbered posters by Rama. He teasingly predicts they will become collector's items.
Rama gives a formal teaching empowerment from the lineage of enlightenment to those of his students who wished this and who had completed the various tasks for it.
December KalaChakra Initiation
Rama gives classes in the Literature of Enlightenment.
Students do an in-house Golf Fashion show.

Students who wish dress in golf attire and others sit in the audience and help vote on the winners. Rama gives his personal copies of books to six winners. The six books are "Mystical Verses of a Mad Dalai Lama", edited by Glenn Mullin; "The Holy Teaching of Vimalakirti: A Mahayana Scripture" edited by Robert A. F. Thurman; "The Buddhist Handbook" by John Snelling; "Hidden Teachings of Tibet: An Explanation of the Terma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism" edited by Harold Talbott; "Buddhist Texts Through the Ages" translated by Edward Conze and others; "Golf in the Kingdom" by Michael Murphy
Sometime between April 10-12th, 1998- Rama leaves the physical body.





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