Who is Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz?
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2500 years ago a man, a buddha, came into this world and spoke the words of truth. He spoke of enlightenment. He spoke of how others could go beyond the wheel of birth and death. He described how you and I can go beyond the suffering and limited frustrations of this world. He laid out a path that leads to unlimited happiness.

This man was not special. He was just a man. He taught others how to follow in his footsteps. He was not the first to speak these words of truth nor has he been the last. Many other teachers have followed him. Each of these teachers have adapted the methods to suit the people of a new age in a new land. The truth remains the same but the methods of seeing it, of becoming one with it, must be adapted to meet the needs of the people in a new time. Rama is one such teacher. He adapted the teachings to use the energies of a modern city. He laid out a path that utilizes the material world around us to achieve true happiness.

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