Who is Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz?
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For the past few months I have been a student of Tantric Meditation under the instruction of two ladies who are now more than ever eager students of Rama. To say that I never met Rama, I think is somewhat incorrect. Through my teachers I have begin to understand and possibly befriend him. I had a beautiful experience a few years ago which I like to call my mini-enlightenment. Clarity, unconditional love, humor and respect were all things that suddenly seemed so obvious but made life so beautiful.

So, who is Rama? A man beyond comprehension because of his simplicity? I'm not quite sure. Maybe I'm not supposed to know entirely. But I do know he's a person who had a love and respect for life most of us aren't even consciously aware that is possible.

I am excited to be a student of Rama, even if not a direct one. In my search for emptiness, I am finding more than I ever knew possible.



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