Movies Suggested by Rama
database last updated on 7/23/00

* indicates a movie seen with Rama

*5th Element
Besson, Luc 1995
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*All that Jazz
Fosse, Bob 1979
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*Koyaanisqati, Life out of Balance


*Purple Rain
Magnoli, Albert 1984
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*Rocky Horror Picture Show, The
Sharman, Jim 1975
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Forman, Milos 1984
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Big Blue, The
Besson, Luc 1988


Canyons Of Light - Zazen (private release)


Crossroads, The
Hill, Walter 1986
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Crow, The
Proyas, Alex 1994
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Parker, Alan 1996
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Keep, The (soundtrack also)
Mann, Michael 1983
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Last Temptation of Christ, The
Scorsese, Martin 1988
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Risky Business (soundtrack also)
Brickman, Paul 1983
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What is Dancing? Zazen (music video- private release)





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