Movies Suggested by Rama
database last updated on 7/23/00

* indicates a movie seen with Rama

*Exorcist, The
Friedkin, William 1973
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Attenborough, Richard 1982
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*Interview with a Vampire


*Last Wave, The
Weir, Peter 1977
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12 Monkeys
Gilliam, Terry 1995
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Back to the Future
Zemeckis, Robert 1985
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Believers, The
mentioned in the desert, late 80's


Craft, The
Fleming, Andrew 1996
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Dangerous Liasons
with Glenn Close


Dark City
Proyas, Alex 1998
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Drop Dead Fred
De Jong, Ate 1991
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with Ally Sheedy
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Fisher King, The
Gilliam, Terry 1991
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*Forget Paris
with Billy Crystal


Reitman, Ivan 1984
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Indian in the Cupboard, The
Oz. Frank 1995
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Lord of Illusions, The
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Malcom X
Lee, Spike 1992
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Needful Things
Heston, Fraser C. 1993
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Total Recall
Verhoeven, Paul 1990
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Witches of Eastwick, The
mentioned in the desert, late 80's





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