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True Accounts Of Reincarnation

From the Jacket Cover:

A man is engaged in normal activity when he hears a high-pitched ringing sound. It grows in intensity until it blocks out all other sounds in the room. He feels his body becoming light, as if it is floating. The entire room starts to vibrate. He loses sight of his surroundings and feels that he has gone beyond his physical body. Different scenes flash before his eyes.

Gradually he becomes aware that the scenes and people he is seeing are from a past life. Then he finds he is actually participating in these scenes, talking, hearing conversations, and feeling sensations as he normally does.

This is the beginning of a typical past-life remembrance -- an intense, unforgettable experience in which a person feels that he or she has been transported into a previous lifetime. Lasting from several seconds to several minutes, it can range from a brief glimpse to a full-scale re-creation of a former time, place and existence.

In this book people of every economic, social and religious background describe vividly and with great conviction how they relived spontaneously -- without undergoing hypnosis -- relationships and incidents from former lifetimes. Most of these individuals had no prior belief in reincarnation, although their experiences profoundly altered their views on death and its aftermath.

Like Dr. Raymond Moody's Life After Life, in which people who were declared clinically dead described the moments immediately following their "deaths," Lifetimes presents the personal accounts of ordinary individuals who bear extraordinary witness to a realm beyond death. It offers reassurance to all those who hope or who believe that death is not the end of life.

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