Let Dr Lenz's Tapes Teach

May 14, 2006
from Rama's tapes

Stop Thoughts and Experience the Diamond Mind
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The unlimited mind, the diamond mind of the Buddha, is your mind, if you can get in touch with it, if you can figure out where it is and what to do with it, and stop thinking so much and tap into that psychic part of your being.

You may listen to this tape and other Rama Tapes here: The Frederick Lenz Foundation.


From Rama's Teachings

Rama presented thousands of techniques that were intended to help students along their own pathway to enlightenment. Techniques presented here may be useful for you. The teachings are meant to be used by students who are serious about their practice, and their own enlightenment.

A special thanks to
Lynne of the San Diego DharmaCenter for her writing, and the inspiration to begin this feature.

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